T.I, Rick Rose na Fat Joe wapinga hukumu ya Meek Mill

Baada ya Jay Z kuonekana kutoridhishwa na hukumu iliyotolewa na Mahakama ya mjini Philladephia dhidi ya rapper Meek Mill, mastaa wengine waibuka kupinga hukumu hiyo.

Mastaa hao walioibuka ni pamoja na Rick Rose, Fat Joe na TI. Wasanii hao wameonyesha kutoridhishwa na hukumu hiyo kupitia ujumbe ambao wameandika kwenye mitandao yao ya kijamii.

Rick Rose:
Tests are not for the faint at heart! . Every time an obstacle crosses his path, he fights his way through and comes out triumphant. I’ve watched him 1st hand fight this unjust system for close to a decade. But my dawg is a warrior! You know the family is already holding you down during this time of test. Here’s to the future! It will be BRIGHT! #doubleMDreamchasers

Fat Joe:
Its times like this that we have to stand up for injustice. If you’re young black and successful they always find a way to knock you down. let’s hope and pray for the best. God is Great #prayformeek

Was wit u then & WE STILL WIT U NOW!!! This too shall pass. You got this!!! God places the heaviest loads on the strongest backs. We got real love for u out here KING.

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